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a decade in the making. the last time the san francisco giants and the oakland a's made it to the post season was in 2003. they are about to kick it in high gear. noelle walker is live in san francisco where fans hope to catch the post season magic. >> reporter: willie mayes plaza is decked out. it was not just baen radios but people decked out in orange and black for a rally if they are an a's fan or a giants fan, this is the time to have fun. >> reporter: a dance party under the palm trees, the giants heading to the playoffs is it. >> let's go giants! >> reporter: the sun is out on the plaza. they have their rally packs for tomorrow's game. >> you are excited to get ready for the playoffs. it is exciting. [music] >> does your boss know where you are today? >> no, i got the day off. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: a's fan spent the day scooping up play off's gear. >> we have 48 hats and they are going fast. >> reporter: the team store is hopping. something it does not see every day. >> that is the special thing about it. it was unexpected. wednesday, the title was clinched and
yacht after it capsized in san francisco bay and pieces of the boat broke off. video here from news chopper 2 shows crews scrambling to recover the vessel after the tide caused a broken boat drift three miles outside the golden gate bridge. told us there were 12 people on board when the boat skipped about 3:00 this afternoon and that they all got off unharmed. officials tell us the crew men were just out. >> this is the biggest there is all year so when it hits tide we actually see waves. we know that. what we understand happened is that the two hulls dug into the water and the boat just full. >>> the semi-two foot carbon fiber vessel is one of two identical ones. it is valued at about $8 million. at this hour the recovery effort continues outside the golden gate. >>> a search for a missing plane ended today. the pilot was the only person on board. he was killed. we're live right near the airport where the plane had taken off early yesterday morning. john. >> gasia, san mateo county sheriff's office is just wrapping up the word here tonight as the coroner just removed the remains fr
area news at 7:00. san francisco's center is turned upside down tonight all in the name of with a bmx state boarding, that's the place to be. happening now, paul chambers live isn't the city where the new tour has taken root and will do so through sunday. hi, paul. >> hey, gasia. one of those things you've got to see to believe so let me show you right now. civic center plaza has totally transformed. they're actually practice r for about an hour from now and there will be up and down the street from city hall and many but not to all. >> action sports at scompleets they'll be in san francisco for the next four days doing tricks and showing off their skills, competing in several sports including bmx and street fight coursers. >> this event progresses fast so if you're doing the winning run you did last year and won, you're going to get dead last and not qualify for next year. >> want today come to san francisco for some time now and instead of adapting the city to fit their style, decided to switch them up. >> we actually designed them to fit within civic center plaza. >> that's a bone
is schedule today return to court after the evaluation. the trial date is november 19th. >>> the san francisco crime lab is now in the hands of a federal jury. in 2010, mat di reportedly told police she had taken small amounts of drugs from this crime lab. she is charged by obtaining drugs, charges she denied. if convicted she could face up to four years in prison. >>> the coast guard is out again looking for two boaters who went missing. search and rescue team searched the waters. the two men vanished about 10:30 yesterday morning when their boat cap sides. two others on the boat made it to shore safely. . >>> get ready san francisco, the city is hosting more than half a dozen events from sweet week to america's baseball play off games so that means huge crowds coming to town. how officials plan to deal with the potential transit and traffic nightmares. shan na. >> that's right. just imagine the population of san francisco doubling. that's about how many people are expected here in the next ten days, and you can see the signs up already warning people they're going to take one of these traffi
at this hour. a train broke downs and stuck in the tube. bart says service in the san francisco has been halted and that train heading to the east bay are being delayed. we received some tweets in our news room from riders trying to get to the a's game. they say they are stuck on platforms waiting for trains. >>> and developing news out of the south bay where sheriff's deputies say a suspicious package has been found. monterey is closed and our news chopper 2 is live above the area right now. santa clara county bomb squad is on the scene and is investigating. traffic has been stopped in the areas and being evacuated. more information on this developing story as we receive it. >>> well, the san francisco giants are suddenly one win away from the national league championship series. the giants came out swinging in game four of their play off series with the cincinnati reds. angel set the tone with the home run to start the game. sand value made it a run away with a two run home run in the second. the giants pitching was helped by a strong relief effort. the final score here 8 to 3. the series is
a san bernardino jail in late august. >>> san francisco's central subway project received a shot in the arm today. it secured federal funding of nearly $1 billion. to explain what this means and how a newly-filed lawsuit could de rail the project. >> yeah. this is one of the big construction projects in san francisco. take a look. you can see that stock ton street here is closed off right now and as we come around take a look over here over there across the street near those stairs is where a new station will sit across the street now in the last 48 hours it's been a real roller coaster in here for the planners of this new subway system with bad news followed up by good news. >> a significant piece of the financial puzzle fell into place today for san francisco's central subway project. announce nearly a billion dollars in federal funding guarantee. >> i am delighted and very proud to announce today $942 million for the san francisco mta to extend the central subway. >> san francisco's muns pal transportation agency broke ground in february on the 1.7-mile stretch of subway conne
arena on the san francisco waterfront. developers today showed off the look of the new facility to be located on peers 30 and 32. new at 7:00 chambers live in the city with a sneak peek at the design and the hurdles that may still get in the way. >> gasia, five years from now will be a state of the art multi-purpose facility that will hold 17,500 seats. home of the nba's golden state warriors back on the eastern most edge of piers 30, 32, but doing that won't be easy. >> the pier itself needs to be stable sxiedz that's an important pafrt of the project and at this point in time the owners of the warriors are spending about $100 million just to stabilize the pier. >> the team is putting 100% of the bill through private finances. it will be surrounded by retalt shops and at least 50% of the site will have dedicated open space. >> 7 acres of the design that we unveiled today is going to be brand new space really reclaiming this beautiful part of our waterfront so that means we're exposing about 8 thousand square feet of water that currently is covered over by the pier today. we're
baseball game in st. louis. the san francisco giants are playing the cardinals in game 3 of the national league championship series. the game has just started again after a lengthy rain delay. paul chambers shows us what bay area fans did to wait it out. >> reporter: mccovey's restaurant in walnut creek when the giants scored a double play in the first, but then the cardinals jumped ahead. >> torture. being a giants' fan, you're used to it. i love it. >> i'm one of the biggest fans ever. got a magnet on my refrigerator that said the number one fan. >> reporter: we didn't go to her thousands verify it but stepped outside mccovey to see her brick. and she said there is a matching one in at&t park. but more giants fans were at the public house waiting for the rain they to be over. one man said rain is nothing compared to what he has been through. >> we were 981989 october 1 world series, my birthday. >> reporter: 20 years later, he is hoping for a different outcome. >> i have been a die-hard giants fan since candlestick park and seen 2010 happen, and it's all about 2012 now. >> we will watc
over? just about half an hour ago the san francisco giant's step back from the brink of elimination tonight with a thrilling win over the cincinnati reds in game three of their divisional series. the game went to the 9th inning tied 1-1. buster posey scores from third base. sergio romo came in at the bottom of the tenth and shut down the reds to preserve a 2-2- 1 victory. that reenergized giant's fans many of whom descended to sports bars across the area to watch the game. there's a lot to be hopeful for right now lorane b lanco has the story. >> reporter: just a few fans stuck around to celebrate and have a drink. it's a sill quiet right now but just a little while ago when the giants won there was a fan explosion. giant's fans knew this game was do or die being the best of five scenario. so the atmosphere was very tense. people were literally shaking here at pete's tavern. when the reds got their last out fans slipped out for one recently engaged couple it was almost tragic. one a reds fan, the other a giant's fan. >> so you can sleep in bed tonight. >> we were just talking about
an arson in his law offices. >>> the giants are halfway there but san francisco is dusting off the playbook for a victory parade >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >>> good evening. it is friday october 26th, i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. the death of a 16-year-old girl has left classmates at albany high trying to cope tonight and asking questions about what happened. the teenage girl had a promising future. >> reporter: well, this girl was on the tennis team, here on the courts today were some of her teammates who were practicing. folks were too upset to say much only to say they were having a tough time. >> reporter: a facebook page was started to share fond memories, kathy's body was found sunday. investigators had trouble identifying her until a classmate saw a news report and helped make the connection. the coroner says it will take about two weeks to get the results of a toxicology report and confirm how she died. so far there are no obvious signs of foul play. >> i know a lot of people are heartbroken. >> reall
uh-uh >> also stream the parade for you on and ktvu mobile. san francisco leaders say they're taking a zero tolerance attitude toward anyone who commits a crime during the giants victory celebration. city attorney and george gascon held a press conference this amp. they say anyone caught breaking the law or causing damage will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law with the mayhem that followed the giants win on sunday. city leaders say that vandals may be forced to pay for damages. >>> we have new video into our news room tonight of people breaking the windows out of a bus and stetting it on fire. the video showing you here was by a viewer who says he was at the corner of third and market sunday night. the cell phone camera recorded you can see someone hit the front window of that bus with a barricade, then someone, possibly several peerjs actually set the bus on fire. police say they're aware of video and pictures circulating on social media and are using them to help identify suspects. >>> when vandals set fire after the world series win on sunday night they ruan
34 and most expensive to fill your tank in san francisco. that's where gas is averaging 4.43 a gallon. >>> salvatore cordileone was installed this afternoon. the arch by shop delivered but did not address commissioners during the two-hour mass. cordileone is seen because of his strong stance against home sexuality and same -sex marriage. by that pa rigsers told us they say he will reach out to liberal members of the church. >> he will do so. i know that's probably one of the top things on his list. >> in august arch by shop cordileone was arrested by police in san diego suspicion of drunk driving. he later issued a public apology as he pleaded guilty. >> about two dozen protesters gathered outside st. mary's to speak out. many of the group are gay right's advocates upset about cordileone's support of proposition 8, the voter-approved ban on same-section marriage. an equal number of supporters also gathered and sang songs. >>> a 65-year-old vallejo man is behind bars tonight. nearby residents are shocked. they say all three men were friends. >> a colleague constructed crosses in the ya
video now from a two-alarm fire in san francisco's neighborhood. fire crews responded to a home on and over street near presence avenue before 4:00 this afternoon. firefighters say heavy flames in the attic rapidly spread to the house next door. crews from the city's building department are checking to see if the fire damage has left the homes unsafe to enter. >>> now south bay where two women are behind bars tonight accused of shooting a third woman right outside a babies r us store. robert honda explains what police are saying about what might have sparked the gunfire. >> a bullet hole in the side of the babies r us store and a window shattered by a bullet at an office max attracted a lot of attention at the shopping center in san jose. police officers respond today a shooting at the center around 2:45 this morning. >> kind of shocked that someone drove by and shot somebody. >> police say two women, both of san jose, approached a woman walking with a man near the babies r us store and got in an argument. >> just before a fight did occur, one of the suspects pulled out a gun an
area news at 7:00. perhaps the biggest music concert tonight in san francisco also has a presidential theme to it and carries a pretty pricey ticket. happening now president obama back in the bay area for a small dinner and large post party. christian captain live at bill graham auditorium where both events are being held. christian. >> yeah, gasia, let's go ahead and give you a live look so you can see the large crowd here waiting to get inside the auditorium to see the president as well as a sizable group of protesters over in that area. ktvu was the only camera here about 35 minutes ago as the presidential motorcade arrived at the plaza. 100 donors are set to dine with the president in just about 15 minutes at a $20,000 a plate dinner here at the auditorium to be followed by a concert and speech at the same venue. air force one touched down at san francisco international airport just before 2:00 this afternoon. a large and enthusiastic crowd greeted the president upon his arrival. people there told ktvu they support the president as election day draws near. >> i love what he's doin
an appellate judge in san francisco found the ban to be unconstitutional. the high court today posted a notice on its web site revealing that the case is on the agenda for november 20th. the decision on whether to hear the case would then be expected the following week. >>> we're live in san jose where leaders of today trying to find solutions to an ongoing struggle with the city's homeless. we'll tell you h m i costs to clean up these encompments and why advocates say it's not enough to combat the problem. >>> and the champions san francisco giants arrive home an. what's in the works to make players and fans can soak it all in. >>> fog will return to the bay area for your morning drive and coming up in the extended forecast, what change is on the way. i'll explain coming up [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents fabulous but...when i add chicken, barbecue sauce... and cheese...and roll it up woo-wee! i've made a barbecue chicken crescent chow down. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate l
. >>> sleeping in front of a garage in san francisco's south of maeshth neighborhood. this happened in the 500 block of third tleet around 7:00 yesterday morning. police say a woman was coming out of the garage when she backed over the man. the 60-year-old victim has not been identified. >>> one of san francisco's highly-regarded programs to help the homeless is expanding. rob ross reports, it's going from once a month to every day. >> here inside the bill graham civic auditorium, more than a thousand people came for help dental problems [ background noise ] . >> and most everything in between. the city in service is called project's homeless and operates one day every month thanks to an army of volunteers but city leaders announced today the program is expanding to every day beginning monday. >> unemployment run out, and here i am. >> timothy brentmeyer is a vietnam veteran who lost his home and is now staying in a shelter. >> housing is the main thing i need. that and for other -- there's a will want there's a way to get it now and if they're expanding the services, i think it's great. >> th
of the fans say anything seems possible now. >>> san francisco giants also learned their fate today. the giants will start at home in a best of five series against the cincinnati reds. game one is scheduled for saturday. game two is set for sunday but a start time is still to be determined. go to including a slide show a fan showing off their a's prize which you'll find right turned photos tab. >>> this post season run could help the oakland a's in oakland. the management and coliseum authority are reporting a negotiated five-year league extension. the chronicle says an extension could include a $50 million fine if the team breaks the lease and leaves early for san jose or some other city. >>> we have some developments tonight in the east bay where there is word of an officer-involved shooting. news chopper 2 flew over the caltrain yard in san jose just minutes ago. we are working to get information, and what we've been told so far is that a san mateo county transit authority officer fired his weapon while the train was in san jose. we've also been told that one person was
. the town of clayton has not decided whether to remove anymore officer. >>> a police of san francisco history -- price of san francisco history is weeks away by being taken apart piece by piece. the seismically unsafe coil drive. the outdated approach to the golden get a bridge being replaced. project officials say the next faze of construction will not slow down. the remains of doyle drive will live on. the steel thrust be melted down and the concrete drowned build new roads. >>> wall streetage prez sonton's workday a big boost in the first day of trading. executive rehab the opening bell on the new york stock exchange this morning. the company was founded by two former people south executives who left the company back in 204. they offer cloud based human software. it opened the $28 and closed above $48 a share. the sail raised $637 for that start up. >>> the enthusiasm did not carry over. the dow lost lost twopoints. stocks had their worst week since june. >>> the closely watched customer confidence survey from the university of michigan is at its highest level five years. meaning p
claire month hot skpel spa in berkeley is headed to the auction block. the san francisco business times reports it could be up for auction november 8th. it is embroiled in a bankruptcy proceeding,. the historic 279 resort is two years shy of the 100th birthday. the carpenter owner bought it and four other -- the owner bout it and four others two years ago. >> it gets complicated. you expect kids to remember their phone number and it gets worse. and pretty soon, you will have to dial 50 numbers. >> people in will have to dial 1 plus the area code plus the number even for a local call. that is because a new area code, 669 is introduced. but cell phones and technology the far away numbers are almost used up. the numbers will be assigned to the 669 code next year. >> you are looking at $200. >> secret cameras capture a shady operation. details on a sting and a consumer warning for homeowners. >>> our high school football game of the week takes us to concord. the minute men taking on their arch rival, the clayton valley eagles, highlights, next. >>> a major cool down today across most of the
street's, facebook stock has been trading up 20 percent for hours. in san francisco bay a shop is closing and in boston, it will phase out games. one day before it's due to close out its earnings it closed down 1.42. >> the mall is looking to fill workers over one hundred outlet stores. it's scheduled to open november 8th. >> the sierras is expecting another snow. it came a little early for some but is being welcomed for others. >> for the first time this year the plows are running, the ski slopes are white. >> it's a come by by nation of our first snow that was nice, but it was the road construction going on. >> the summer road construction was supposed to be done before the first snow. it was a stand still this afternoon. the construction is supposed to be finished within the next few weeks >> while the storm made a mess of traffic it brought hope to those hoping to hit the ski slope >> it's a great start to the ski season. >> we could see the list of bree oil running. >> we've had 36 feet in the last 18 hours, looking like more snow tonight. >> plows are clearing about two fee
site over san francisco. news chopper 2 was there just minutes ago as u.s. navy's blue angels flew into town in formation for this year's fleet week. precision flight demonstration team will be overhead thursday and friday to practice for their performances saturday and sunday. and go to for more incredible video of those blue angels. just look for the video player in the middle of the home page. >>> and amtrak officials say the crossing gate was down when a big rig hit the passenger train in a central valley. that accident caused the plain to de rail yesterday injuring about 40 people. today investigators identified the truck driver as 32-year-old medina. investigators say they are listed to see if he was impaired or if there was a mechanical problem with his big rig. the train tracks reopened this morning. >>> emotions are running high on the campus of an east bay middle school. students, parents and staff are trying to come to grips with the death of a teacher. the teacher's apparent suicide comes less than a week after he was accused of an inappropriate relationship wi
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21